Saturday, April 12, 2014

pizza night.

Early in our marraige JD named Fridays our "no cook" night.  No matter what the day held, I knew when 6 came around I was not responsible for having dinner on the table.  I love cooking and meal planning for my family and I am blessed with a husband that is pretty awesome in the kitchen himself but having one night off that doesn't include leftovers is a sweet tradition.  Most nights this means pizza, but we sometimes go against our norm and grab burgers or Chinese.  We often pick up frozen, take-n-bake or order delivery.  Lately we have been going out since the littles love it and it means NO mess under the high chairs.  Last night we went to a local chain, "Punch", known for delicious Neapolitan pizza. I first tried it the day we returned from our honeymoon and have loved it ever since.  Reagan was exhausted from 2 trips to the park, ate silently(so rare) and people watched.  Ellie smiled at every passerby.  James was ravenous per usual usual and ate an entire kids 8 piece pizza.  What will I do when he's a teenager??

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