Thursday, June 6, 2013

"David's party"

Reagan has been reminiscing about her epic performance on the dance floor (almost 2 hours of straight jamming) and referring to it as "David's party." My husband's best friend and big brother got married a week ago and it was wonderful.

We spent the week in ND celebrating David (and JD's youngest brother Nate's high school graduation). It was very sweet to be home, sleep in, sit at the counter and chat, and change way less diapers. I also drank my first frozen marg since the twins were born and I embarrassingly could not finish it. But it happened on a date with my man! It might have been at 3pm but it was still amazing.


  1. yay!! i was waiting for these! glad you got to go on a midday drinking date, they're the best.

  2. my favorite is naked ellie's expression with uncle david....