Friday, April 5, 2013

Almost 2 and a half.

When you ask her when her birthday is, she answers matter of factly "November."
Hard to believe that 8 months from now she will be 3. She no longer says "hold you" when she wants to be held and we are working on a consistent please added on the end of "hold me." She wants to know what everyone is doing "what that guy doing? What those little girls doing?" Etc. She likes to call daddy on the phone at work when she misses him and a common greeting when she sees someone she loves is "I'm so happy to see you!" She runs around the house singing her favorite songs word for word which include doe a deer, amazing grace, and Mary had a little lamb. She also enjoys singing rockabye baby to "Ellie" and "jamesey."

It seems like there are few words my little annunciator doesn't pronounce perfectly but she still gets potato and tomato mixed up and calls most berries "ras-bees." She can count past 20 but stubbornly skips 4 especially if you are paying attention. Brain quest trivia is her favorite potty activity and it pretty much has taught her the letters of the alphabet by sight. Yesterday is referred to as "last morning" and if she leaving the room she "will be right back soon." Even if you mention her name two rooms away she will wander up and ask with a smirk on her face "you guys talkin' about ME!?" This girl does not miss a thing. Like really, ask my mom or mother in law. She doesn't forget ANYTHING!

Reagan, I don't want to forget all of this. I needed to write some of it down while life is soaring by too fast. I want you to know that you light up our lives in this crazy season. We couldn't do this without you! Thank you, Lord, for the privilege of being Reagan's mama. The "terrible twos" are not so terrible, if you ask me.


  1. I love all these little "snapshots!" What a honey. I can't wait to see you, and your WHOLE family soon!! Miss you guys!

  2. I'm crying...I love you reags