Tuesday, January 1, 2013

happy new year!

2013 will be a wild one and I am thrilled that it is finally here.

One thing I will use to try to stay organized when the twins arrive is a new stationary product that I helped create.  My friend Jessi and I teamed up a few months ago to begin a creative adventure.  She had the idea of creating meal planning and calender products that were beautiful and practical. We both appreciate a similar aesthetic, love spending time together, and are trying to to be more organized in our everyday lives.  We also share the common ground of little lady toddlers, babies on the way and order-loving husbands.  Suzie Studios Stationary is the result of our collaboration.

I have been using the calender and grocery list printables already and I love them.  

I am so excited to use this all year and share it with you.  We are offering a 20% discount through Saturday AND a giveaway of an entire printables package!  Head on over to Jessi's blog to learn more.

God bless 2013!

Drop Thy still dews of quietness
till all our strivings cease;
take from our lives the strain and stress
and let our ordered lives confess
the beauty of Thy peace.

John Greenleaf Whittier (from the hymn “Dear God and Father of Mankind”)

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  1. You are amazing! They look fabulous! Many blessings on your venture...in more ways than one! :) I am going to order something to help ME get organized (you know I need help) AND to support two lovely ladies.Love discounts and giveaways too...but us dinosaurs will have to settle for the discount ;). The price we pay.
    Can't wait for my products!