Monday, December 10, 2012


 our street on Sunday evening.
 the twins at 29 weeks old.
 even though he has been slammed at work he hasn't neglected his little family or his sidewalk.
this little snugglebug is...dare i say this on the world wide web...
pottytrained!  ?!  ?!  ?!  ?!
we shall see.

Christmas.  January.  Twins.  
In less than 10 weeks I will be able to feel their tiny hands around my fingers while they (prayerfully, hopefully, tandem-ly) nurse.

thank you Lord.  for all of it.

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  1. heart melting... so sweet! Congrats on the potty training?!?! That is such a huge accomplishment, especially at Reagan's little age! I'll pray that continues well, and blesses you in less than 10 weeks???? Ahh! I can't believe how close they are to being here!!