Sunday, November 11, 2012

two are better than one.

Reagan and I walked into the radiology clinic in a rush. I decided not to even try to find someone to watch her because I wanted her to practice sitting still and I knew it would be a short appt. At 20 weeks I was feeling awesome, a couple of different symptoms then with Rea, like a large varicose vein in my leg, but mostly I felt a lot the same.

Jd had just started his new job so I told him I would bring home a lot of pics. As I lay on that table I thought about Reagan and if she would behave, my grocery list, and if I would make it to babysit Hudson in time. My mind was not on the life inside me.

The tech put the jelly on my tummy and in about 30 seconds he casually asked if I knew I was having two babies. I said yeah, I have two babies. One in that chair and one in my tummy. No he responded, you are having twins.

Heart stopped. Tears in my eyes. So many thoughts. Total shock. Complete joy. He let me call Jd and our moms right on the table. I next called my sister Lucy. I don't remember who I called next. The day was a crazy, happy blur.

I have told people in the past that I would never want twins. Many people. Not because I don't want a lot of kids. I think you all know that's not true. I just love the newborn stage and being pregnant so "two for one" didn't seem like "my style." Twins don't run in our gene pool as far as we know. I realize now this was a pretty dumb comment to make but unfortunately I make many unwise, unnecessary comments...working on that.

Now I can't imagine anything different. I do not have fear of having two at once because I know God made me to be their mom. I can already see the way God made Reagan to be their big sis... she is so good with babies and very independent. And no, I am not afraid of being sooooo HUGGGE. I think that's the number one comment I get. Praise The Lord for a husband that makes amazing coffee and a new house with plenty of room for guests to stay and help. It will be hard sometimes but it will be beautiful. I really believe that.

I am not ready for this adventure. I don't think we are ever ready for big changes. I am hoping my little ones stay in there snug until valentines day but realize it could be a lot different. Today I just want to shout to the rooftops how thankful I am for the blessing of two at once. Praise God.

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  1. i know it's cliche really are beautiful, inside and out! what an adventure. keep that courageous, vibrant positivity UP. i love it ;)