Saturday, September 15, 2012

recipe swap?

Reagan and I just made this AMAZING four ingredient strawberry frozen yogurt after our first trip to the park in weeks! We went to Mexico, picked Reagan up on Sunday, closed on our house Monday, painted on Tuesday and moved in Wednesday! We have been unpacking since then so it was nice to have a somewhat normal, relaxing evening.

I am coming out of a week of the BEST food of my life and needing some cooking inspiration so let's have a recipe swap in my comments section? Something good you made this week. Or month? Please?


  1. Can the recipe on pinterest that you said you were going to make be my contribution?

  2. sounds delicious! i made this eggplant gratin twice in the last two weeks. we obviously liked it. the eggplant almost tasted like a pasta. don't skip the heating on the skillet part, though. i didn't do it the second time i made it, and it was considerably less tasty.


    this sounds good for early fall, and this looks good for using up summer veggies (and I'm making it this week):