Monday, August 27, 2012

dinner, thanks to my hipster sister.

My sister in law, Grace, sent me the below recipe via my other wonderful sister in law, Annie. Grace embarked on her journey of 'grad school wife for 3 years' just one week ago! I am so excited and proud of her and her wonderful future physical therapist. I also feel pretty nostalgic about the fact that I was in that very spot 3 years ago. Still can't believe it's over.

Thanks for sending this recipe,
Grace. We loved it. Subbed spinach for iceberg, added olives, and smothered it with the dressing...but only have a picture without. I will never eat a salad without dressing, preferably ranch of some sort :) This is very toddler friendly. Rea ate all the ingredients separate instead of in salad form. Enjoy!

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