Tuesday, June 19, 2012

three things.

Last night I signed up for goodreads.com
You rate 20 books (takes little time), and it gives you recommandations for future reading.  Yes, please!!!  I am totally in a book drought right now!

Make this for dinner: pan roasted lemon garlic chicken
very, very easy.  quick.  cheap.  so delicious.  Reagan gave it 5 stars (AKA she ate tons of meat, rare).
I doubled the squeezed lemons, garlic and olive oil because in order to have enough sauce you really have to.  I also used a whole chicken in pieces vs. breasts.  Worked great.
Growing up, I would often wear my papa's big t-shirts to bed.  I still wear his random, 30+ year old southeastern college (he didn't go there, no idea what that place even is?) t-shirt at night sometimes.  Reagan wanted to put her daddy's shirt on when we were unpacking from vaca.  She was so proud.  This girl has the sweetest admiration for her daddy, which is so deserved.  He is an amazing father.

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