Wednesday, May 30, 2012


He did it!! 5040 hours (yes I calculated it) of class, reading, writing, copying notes, and outlining. That doesn't include working an average of 25 hours a week to support our family during the past two years so I could stay at home with rea. I know that technically WE did it...and I really do believe that he couldn't have done it without me(he reminds me of this often) but you need to know that he made it SO easy for me. I never felt like a single parent, neglected, or pushed aside. Today our marriage is stronger than before, and I love him 100 times more. You are a rockstar, J.D.J.D.

Enjoy some pics of our celes. Reagan detested Joseph's little hat...that is why she can't keep her eyes of it in the family pics. I have found that I laugh more than ever before with a toddler around.

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