Wednesday, August 17, 2011

sh's wife.

some think that the wedding of the year involved these two....
i'm afraid i disagree.

wedding week---little d. edition.
my auntie g got married on saturday.  we celebrated all week, starting with a birthday dinner for auntie lu.
then uncle d and i hung out at the rehearsal dinner.
the rents.
my mom's favorite picture of auntie g.  she was the most beautiful bride EVER and i have been to a lot of weddings in my nine months of mom keeps saying that.
that's me.  love grass.
 my uncle s!!!  now i have 4 uncles.
auntie lo auntie g auntie a mom & auntie lu
i went home to sleep so i missed this picture.  
i am so proud to be a dunham.
sh's wife.

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  1. dear little d,

    is that a beautiful BHLDN dress your mommy is wearing? please tell her that she rocked it!! thanks!