Tuesday, July 12, 2011

seven and a half months.

she is sweeter and funnier and more grown up every day. yesterday she went from laying down to sitting up without help for the first time. in the morning she couldn't do it...at 1:00 pm she could. things like that still baffle my mind. they are miracles, people. you have to agree.

i get really sappy when i look at newborn photos...will i admit that i can't even wait to hold my next newborn in my arms? i really can't. she looks so hilarious in this picture. she still has a serious side, although it comes out less these days.

look at those big baby blues.

such a reagan face.

i am tall.

sometimes i try to pretend to be bashful.

but let's face it.

i'm not.

we love you, reagan rosalie. every single, perfect, beautiful, hilarious, goofy, determined, adventurous part of you.


  1. Such fun pictures! I love them! I can't wait to spend some time with you guys (hopefully soon!) and get to actually KNOW her!

  2. I need a copy of the first picture in this series....blown up. It is so precious. I love you rea rea - lizzy