Monday, April 18, 2011

like it list (baby edition)

things that have been a huge blessing to me and I would recommend to all new families :)

summer infant swaddleme blankets.  Reagan loves her hands so these saved us.  We swaddled her from day 1 but not tight enough and so she would get out and wake her self up from naps...this little wonder solved that problem and she slept 6.5 hours the first night we used it.  Coincidence?  doubtful.  Many hospitals send you home with a Halo sleep sack.  I also really like those and that's actually what we use now since Reagan outgrew the swaddlemes at about 12 weeks (I think they will last longer for shorter babies).  However, the negative about Halo's is they rarely come in cotton...and I am all about the cotton.  We did find one on amazon.
we love this.  for the first 2-3 months we did not use it very much...but that could be due to the fact that we didn't get out much hahaha.  we used it around the house a little, but reagan just fell asleep or sometimes didn't like it at all.  if you use it in the first 3 months you need an infant insert.  Now Reagan loves it and I have been using it a couple times a week at least.  It is very comfortable and easy to put on.  I also have a hotsling and have used it in my opinion get one of these, your husband and you can both use it and it's way more user friendly than a sling (i had to watch the dvd 4 times to figure out how to get Reagan in correctly and  then I got it out the next time to use it and I couldn't remember for the life of m e.  If you have to make a dvd to illustrate how to use a baby product...not sure if it's my kind of thing HOWEVER I have heard that people LOVE I am going to keep it for my next babe in case.
with infant insert.  jd making me dinner :)
hands down the best, softest, prettiest blankets around.  Perfect for swaddling a newborn...and we still use them every single day.  Gifted to me by one of my most wonderful friends you k.l.s.  

She has been hanging out in this thing since she was 1 week old.  She still loves it and spends at least an hour a day in it...back when she was least 2 or 3 hours.  I was so hesitant about this...I didn't think we "needed" it plus I hate things with cartoony baby illustrations.  Why can't they make a pinstripe or subtly polka dotted baby item...or gasp...a SOLID colored baby toy!!!!???  But this beautiful chair will be a staple in the dunham household until we stop having babies around :)  Note...we took the toys that hang over her off and pretty much never use them. 
hilarious picture.

If you are going to pump at all...use these.  Reagan never had tummy issues when switching over to a bottle.  I have also had friends switch over to these and they noticed that their baby was less gassy and took the bottle much easier.  They are also glass which I LOVE!  They heat up super fast for those late night feedings :)

that's all for now.  maybe another post with more....but these are my must haves!


  1. yay!! i already had an ergo and the aden & anais blankets on my registry...i love when moms post their favorite things! it's so hard to know what you really need. xoxo

  2. We are HUGE fans of the Halo swaddles and sleepsacks too! My LO was born in the late winter, so we used the fleece ones for the first couple months, then switched to the cotton ones when we moved to size small. BRU didn't carry the cotton size small swaddles, but I easily got them online. I know amazon, BRU, and all sell them. The cotton is perfect weight for the warmer months.